Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A loong time ago...

I dont know where to start. Seems a lot of story come out in my mind until I cant arranged it by words. So, I would like to divide it points by points. Haha :)

1, A life in medical school had ended.
In previous post, I've wrote about my last professional exam and Alhamdulillah I made it! :) After that I was busy with other things like packing up all clothes,books to sent back to my hometown, and job interview. Then after that I've said bye bye to Sarawak. Coming home after 6 years in the land of hornbill.

2. My new life in kampong
It is not really a traditional kampong as my kampong is a FELDA settlement.When I arrived at airport my parents and my Angah all with his childrens and wife were waiting for me.He took us to the restaurant. There my Along and Abang with their family wait and we dine together. Suprisingly there is a cake for us (as my mom's birthday is also at that day) the cake written happy birthday mama and congratulations Dr Hanis. :)

The first week in my house. There was no specific activity I've made, I enjoyed watching TV, eating, sleeping, wahhh so enjoy! Until i realized my tummy somhoew getting bigger. What can I do? I already do some exercise and jog but the food consumption that I take at home is too much and suspended my metabolism and workout. Haha. I also help my parent in kebun. (orchrad). Theres a grass planted in the fish pond and the pond looks like a swamp, so I decided to cut off the grass by pulling it. While I getting into the water, I feel tickling sensation on my feet, I initially ignored it as I thought it was a grass leaves which is flowing in the water but then I raised up my leg to see my foot and saw a big 10 cm leech sucking my blood! Haha. I was not afraid at that time but to see the leech eiii geliii woii

3.Trip to Ipoh
My friend luqman who was in Ipoh invited me to go to his house. I go there by train. well, Ipoh is nice. I like the atmosphere there. Surround by batu kapur hills and mountain with cloud crossing it every morning. Ahh...then I went to meet my ex-classmates during my schooltime in Alam Shah on my way back to the kampong. We watched bayern vs real at that time and finish at 5 a.m.

4. A new hero in my family!
I dont really went back to my home after that. I stayed at Along's house. He said that his wife was already admitted in hospital seremban. So I decided to wait. Alhamdulillah she was safely deliver her baby on the next day. And my parent come over on the next day, we gathered at along's  house and I followed my abah and mak back to kampong after that. :)

5. Meet the gang in Kuala Pilah
The trip around Malaysia. That what they called it. As I felt sorry I because cannot join them because I need to accompany my uncle in the ward at that time. But its ok, so when they arrived in Negri Sembilan, they decided to meet me. They are Luqman, Naim, and Ikhwan. Opss, need to put Dr. before their name kot. Haha.
 So, I picked them up at Kuala Pilah. But seems no interesting places that I want to show them. What to see at here? My mind catched something that probably want them to see it, (like Istana Menanti, Ulu Bendul reservation forest, Teratak Zaaba bla bla bla) but they seems not interested. So we went to the cinema looking for The Avengers and I decide to see it again for 2nd times. Its oklaa, meraikan member! Then they were stayed in my house. On next day, I decided to bring them for a short tour around my kampong. I got 2 motorcycle and we ride it together. There was rainy last night so riding in the morning was so cool. I feel so refresh. My kampong instead of many palm oil farm, it also surrounded by a greeny hills and mountain. Hahhh I love my kampong.

6. Malacca
I follow them to Malacca after that. I asked my mom and she allowed me but need to come back on the next day as I need to accompany my uncle in the ward. Haha. So, we decided to go to Malacca through Kuala Pilah-> Tampin road. We felt hungry just arrived in Malacca, so what happen next? craving for Asam Pedas. So masyuk! Tears coming out from my eyes. Sob sob. So hot but delicious. Then we went to jonker street, eating cendol at St Staduys, ride the tower tour looking for sunset and riding a river cruise on night. After that we continue our trip to Batu Pahat. We meet our friends there, sleep at our friends house but as I promised to my mom, I need to take a bus and went back to Seremban but they contnue their tour to Kuantan then to Terengganu and Kedah :(

7.Accompany my uncle in Kuala Pilah Hospital.
my uncle got cataract on his right eye, so he needs operation to replace the lens with artificial one. So he admit for 2days there and I stayed beside him.One thing I need to assure was to find a place for sleep at night on the first night I quietly sneaked to the surau and sleep there. Its hard to find a correct position when we want to sleep sitting on a chair. But 2nd night I sleep on a empty bed in the ward. I did that because I saw one of makcik do that. She pulled up the curtain so the staff nurse not really saw us and asked me to sleep beside her. Not we sleep toghether laa haiyaa! :P theres two empty bed and I sleep on the other bed. Haha

Fuh 2 months punyer criter, I compiled it to one post. Clap clap clap. Ok laa. So I will continue later. Salam.